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Armenian Warriors


There exists a tendency in world history to reduce some of the groups of people to simple victims of great historical forces. This is especially true when it comes to victims of war crimes, mass famine, cultural destruction, or genocide. Often, this perception of weakness and victimhood is applied to the people of Armenia who, from 1915 to 1917, were slaughtered and forced out of their homes by the Turkish soldiers of the Ottoman Empire. This perception has one major flaw.

The Armenian people are not a helpless people.

Time and time again, when we look closely, we can see stories of shocking heroism, selflessness, and bravery from Armenian soldiers, scholars, and activists both in defending their homelands and bringing truth to power in the face of denial. This exhibit will tell the story of some of these Armenian warriors. The first page will give a brief overview of the Armenian Genocide as well as some of the important aspects involved. The next page tells the stories of Armenian men who were forced from their homes but joined the armies of their surrogate homeland. The next page has stories of Armenian warriors fighting for their right to the truth against the widespread denial of their cultural tragedy. Next is a page with tales of resistance against the Ottoman Turks and their brutal occupation. Finally, the last page contains acknowledgment, links for more information, and a list of all those who were brave enough to share the stories of their warrior ancestors with us.